"Face Off" Museum Framed 30" x 30" Limited Edition Photograph #16 of 75

$ 2,490.00 $ 4,150.00

"There can be many different personalities when it comes to people. Some people are two-faced, which makes it very difficult trying to figure them out. They may be very nice to your face and the second you turn around, they stab you in the back. Or, some people just have multiple personalities. This is what the woman in the image represents. There are faces hidden in the piece that show the personalities within her. Which ones are real? Can you trust them?"

This is a 30" x 30" Limited Edition Photograph by Thomas Barbey. Frame is a Roma Moulding with white linen liner. Museum Framed and originally valued at $4,150. The Edition number is #16 of 75. In good condition!

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