"Eternal Beloved" Museum Framed 24" x 36" Limited Edition Photograph #2 of 40

$ 3,300.00 $ 5,500.00

Who has not thought of an eternal love that possesses us heart and soul for eternity? Some say that such a love cannot exist. This couple’s bond is so strong that even a separation cannot keep them apart. True love is never forced, it is either there or not. It is a rare jewel in which the holder is frequently blind. 

This is a 24" x 36" Limited Edition Photograph by Thomas Barbey. Frame is a Roma Moulding with white linen liner and filet. Museum Framed and originally valued at $5,550 The Edition number is #2 of 40. In decent condition. Matting is slightly stained and signature is faded. The signature is currently faded, but can be re-signed by Thomas Barbey after purchase!

Historically, Thomas Barbey signs his photographs with an archival pen, however when the gallery first opened, a non-archival pen was used on some our inventory, and the signature may have faded. It is still considered and original Thomas Barbey Photograph! 

Sold "as is." All Sales are final with no refunds or returns! For information on this piece, please contact info@galeriesthomasbarbey.com.



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