"Absolute Faith" Museum Framed 16" x 20" Limited Edition Photograph #78 of 275

$ 575.00 $ 1,150.00

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This piece is about taking chances in life and believing in your self. If you don't take that leap, you will never know what lies ahead of you. It's about moving ahead and believing that you can conquer anything. The diver is leaping off the building, believing that she is good enough, and knowing that she will land on her feet. That is absolute faith.

This is a 16" x 20" Limited Edition Photograph by Thomas Barbey. Frame is a hammered metallic frame with archival rag matt (white.) Originally valued at $1,150. The Edition number is #78 of 275. In good shape! May have some minor scratches on corners of frame.

Sold "as is." All Sales are final with no refunds or returns! For information on this piece, please contact info@galeriesthomasbarbey.com.

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