"Almost There" 29" x 29" Museum Framed Limited Edition Photograph #14 of 75

$ 2,190.00 $ 3,650.00

"Being stuck in our office all day, same routine, same work, same daily ritual. It would be so amazing to be able to break out of it, let loose, and go where our passion takes us. No worries, just pure relaxation. We dream of it, but don’t always go through with it. Keep trying, we are almost there……"

This is a 29" x 29" Limited Edition Photograph by Thomas Barbey. Framed with a hammered metallic frame. Museum Frame with Linen Liner (white.) Originally valued at $3,650. The Edition number is #14 of 75. In good condition!

Sold "as is." All Sales are final with no refunds or returns! For information on this piece, please contact info@galeriesthomasbarbey.com.

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